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Aluminium Windows and Doors

Although uPVC is very popular these days, aluminium windows and doors are still incredibly popular with homeowners across the whole of Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex.

Much like uPVC, Aluminium Windows and Doors, and more specifically their properties and benefits have come a long way over recent years whilst the options we have to customise our Aluminum Windows and Doors are at an all time high.

Aluminium Windows

Aluminium itslef is the most adbundent metal within the earths crust and as you'll be aware is a versatile material, widely used in the manafacturing process of motor cars and airplanes, drinking cans and food containers. Aluminium Windows have excellent natural aesthetic appeal and is naturally a strong, secure and durable product. One of the main benefits when it comes to the use of Aluminium Windows in homes is that you can get a thinner profile, so there's narrower site lines. Allowing more natural light to flood your home. Aluminium Windows have excellent thermal properties too, meaning that when combined with our industry leading Pilkington-K Glass, will achieve an A-rated Energy Rating, ensuring that you're home will not only safe and secure, but also energy efficent. Aluminium Windows often achieve a marginally better U-Value vs uPVC Windows.

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

The most popular aluminium product in the UK market is a set of Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors. Beautifully stunning, our range of stunning British Manafactured Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors really are the jewel in our crown. Made to measure, designed with you in mind, a sublime set of Bi-fold Doors, fitted to perfection will make your neighbours green with envy. Perfect for those who like to entertain, or would like to open their home up to more light during the darker winter months, or to more air during the warmer summer months, you can really bring the outside indoors, without sacraficing any of your homes energy efficency!

Aluminium Doors

Although the majority of doors these days are either uPVC or composite we are still seeing a rise in enquiries for Aluminium Front and Back Doors, not just in homes, but also in commerical properties, such as shops and offices. Aluminum Doors are great for security, proving a real security feature. You'll get all the normal benefits of products fitted with our A-rated glass at unbeatable prices.

Aluminium Vs uPVC

Choosing between Aluminium or uPVC can be difficult as both products have excellent qualities and benefits. For independent advice from our friendly team, drop us a line on (023) 92 824006 or (023) 92 666 955, or contact us here.